50th Thanksgiving Service

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On Saturday, May 6, we had a Spirit-filled Thanksgiving Service for 50 years of existence. The service was held at the Evangelical Church of Vaudreuil and participants included past and present seminary Directors, Deans, Students, and Staff. With many choirs and approximately 1000 in attendance, it was a wonderful sacrifice of praise that we offered to the King of Kings for 50 years of developing Christ-like leaders for the spiritual transformation of Haiti!

EBS Founder Dave Graffenberger and EBS Alumni Pastor Doulceine

EBS Rector Dr. Matt Ayars and EBS Founder Dave Graffenberger

EBS Rector Dr. Matt Ayars and EBS Academic Dean Rev. Lucner Piere (with EBS Professor Bill Edler)

EBS Students Left to Right: Joan Dejak, Jean Mardochée, Eliab Alexandre, and Levy Dieujuste

EBS Students Aldy Joseph and Sundy

EBS Students leading worship


EBS Doyen Rev. Lucner Pierre

EBS Students

Enoch Firmin leading his choir

EBS Fonder Dave Graffenberger

EBS Student Rujerry Francois leading worship

Our dear Esther