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Dr. Charles Lake

Emmaus Biblical Seminary is happy to announce a partnership with Dr. Charles Lake and Growth Ministries for orality-based small group training. Dr. Lake, through his years of experience as a Pastor (at the Community Church of Greenwood in Greenwood, Indiana), and collaboration in international and cross-cultural ministries, has developed a discipleship program for oral cultures.

Dr. Lake has worked in collaboration with Christian cultural anthropologist and former professor of cross-cultural missions at Asbury University, Dr. Phil Thornton (Dr. Thornton is currently serving full-time with Global Impact Missions out of Nicholasville, Kentucky). Over the past decade, Dr. Thornton has conducted research on developing effective pedagogical methods specifically geared for oral/non-literary based cultures.

The innovative collaboration between Drs. Lake and Thornton has resulted in a creative, unconventional method for doing discipleship. Emmaus Biblical Seminary, through its various levels of contact with Drs. Lake and Thornton, has been given the honor and great responsibility to facilitate the pilot project testing the effectiveness of the new discipleship program.

The program is unique in that it is geared for oral cultures in the sense that it integrates music, song, drama, and non-literate spiritual discipline practice methods. The program itself is delivered on a Papyrus device. The Papyrus device is a solar-powered, hand-held electronic device designed and produced by Galcom Communications out of Canada. The device contains both a hard drive with a pre-recorded (dramatized) New Testament in Haitian Creole as well as an SD card slot for loading various pre-recorded lessons (thanks to the One Mission Society, Radio 4VEH, and Pastor Louis Destiné for helping to facilitate the recordings and translation of the material).

The ultimate goal of the program is to offer a means by which individuals and people groups within oral/non-literate cultures can develop intimacy with Jesus for the sake of spiritual growth, sanctification, and ultimately, the glorification of His Holy Name.

Pray for us next week (Dec. 3-4) as Dr. Lake teaches eight, select EBS alumni how to use the program and keep close track of results for the sake of program improvements for heightened effectiveness.

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