Certificate Program

The Certificate Program is designed for individuals who are called to full, or part-time (lay) ministry but may not need a full (traditional) undergraduate or graduate ministry degree. The Certificate Program is appropriate for:

  • Individuals called to overseas ministry who do not have any formal training in Bible and Theology
  • Individuals in local church lay-leadership
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Christian home-shooling parents
  • Individuals who want to go deeper in their knowledge of the Scriptures and solid Christian theology and doctrine

In order to prepare individuals for ministry, the Certificate Program seeks to enable Christians to:

  • Deepen knowledge of the Scriptures and Systematic Theology
  • Defend the Faith in a way they have never been able to do before
  • Go into the world with a powerful, Holy Spirit-led presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an intelligent defense of the Christian faith.

Program Goals

  • Be better equipped to interpret the Scriptures in light of the historical, cultural, literary, and theological context of the Bible.
  • Articulate the central tenets of Christian doctrine as well as the importance of Christian Doctrine for ministry.
  • Understand the biblical foundations for evangelism and missions.
  • Have an orientation to various Pseudo-Christian Cults and World Religions for the sake of evangelism and apologetics framed by a biblical sense of the Christian faith.
  • Understand the major turning points of Christian Church history.
  • Be able to understand and apply the Inductive Bible Study method.


  • BIB100 Orientation to Biblical Literature
  • ST100 Orientation to Systematic Theology
  • HIS100 Church History
  • APO100 Apologetics in Religions
  • BIB101 Inductive Bible Study
  • MIS100 Biblical Foundations for Mission and Evangelism
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Question: How long are courses?
Answer: 4 weeks each.

Question: Are there educational requirements or prerequistes for the program?
Answer: No! The program is open to all.

Question: Is there a residential requirement for the program?
Answer: No! The program is entirely online.

Question: Do I have to commit to the entire program before starting?
Answer: No! The program is flexible and convenient in that students can take courses as their schedule permits.

Question: Will I get real time instruction from credentialed faculty?
Answer: Yes!