Financial Aid Information

Average Cost of Education at EBS Haiti Campus and Student Requirement

Concerning BTh students, if a student were to take 15 hours a semester (full-time), buy books, live on campus and eat 15 meals a week, the cost for that student would be approximately 16000 HTG per semester. The published cost of education at Emmaus for students does not reflect the actual cost of educating the student.  Student tuition covers approximately 20% of the cost of educating each student. In this sense, the seminary tuition reflects a 80% automatic financial scholarship in the form of outside donors and supporters. This being the case, we ask all students, each semester, to write a letter of thanks to donors who are paying the subsidized portion of the costs of education at EBS.

Work Study Program

Each full-time BTh student has the opportunity to receive up to 100% room and board waiver through participation in the EBS Work-Study Program. There are two entry points per semester into the program: (1) semester start and (2) mid-semester. Students indicate whether or not they wish to participate in the program at the time of registration for the forthcoming semester.  Students are free at any point to opt-out of the program. However, opting out of the program results in the forfeiture of the room and board waiver for the remainder of the semester. Once opting out of the program, students can only re-enter at designated entry points. If a student opts out of the program, there will be a balance added to the student bill for room and board from the time of discontinuation in the program forward. Student work is evaluated daily by the Work-Study Program Director. If student work is not satisfactory, the Program Director has the right to charge the student for room and board for that day. A pattern in dissatisfactory work ethic or attitude will result in dismissal from the program.

The eligibility requirements for participating in the WS program are:

1. Must be a full-time student (minimum of 12 Credit Hour course load per semester)

2. Must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

3. Must demonstrate satisfactory Christian work ethic and attitude

4. Must maintain an average score of 3.0 on EBS Work-Study Program Student Performance Evaluation Review.

Students will receive probationary status in the program the first time eligibility requirements are not met. A second time eligibility requirements of the program are not met, the student will be dismissed from the WS program.  Students dismissed from the WS program will be expected to pay full room and board costs beginning at the time of dismissal.

Scholarships and Eligibility Requirements

EBS students in the BTh program automatically benefit from financial scholarship that covers approximately 80% of the cost of educating the student. The published costs of being a student at EBS reflect that automatic scholarship. However, there are on occasion further scholarships available for students who experience financial hardship (see below section “Financial Hardship and the Financial Aid Committee”).

Financial Hardship and the Financial Aid Committee

EBS designates a limited amount of funds each semester to help students encountering financial hardship. Financial aid comes in the form of a partial tuition waiver (no more than 85% of tuition can be waived) awarded to eligible students by the Financial Aid Committee. The Financial Aid Committee determines the amount awarded to students based on (1) institutional funds available and (2) each student’s particular financial situation. The criteria for eligibility for financial aid is as follows:

1. Must be a full-time student (minimum of 12 credit hour course load per semester for undergraduate students; minimum of 9 credit hours per semester for graduate students)

2. Must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

3. Demonstrate superior spiritual maturity, Christian work ethic, and character.

For students to get a hearing with the FAC, they must first complete a financial aid application to be submitted two weeks prior to the semester’s first payment due date. After the Financial Aid Committee has considered the application, they will make arrangements with applicants for an interview within 2 weeks of application submission. First year, first semester students can apply for financial aid, however, such a student will undergo a mid-semester academic and spiritual maturity evaluation that determines the continuation of financial aid awarded at the beginning of the semester.