Student Testimony



When I was sleeping one night I had a vision that I was supposed to study medicine, but I didn’t have any Christians in my life to help me pray and think about the vision.  I went and talked to an older godly woman in the church, and she told me about being a different kind of doctor.  She took me under her wing and discipled me, and showed me instead how to PRAY for people.  She showed me how to truly be a woman of prayer, and how to go to people who were sick, spiritually and physically.  She said, “You’re not going to work with the kind of medicine you were thinking, the kind of medicine the world knows. I will teach you about the true Doctor, and how to share the True Medicine, through prayer.”

My father, however, insisted I get a “real” degree, and sent me to Port-au-Prince to study management.  One day, I was in class, but my stomach was all messed up that day, and I was in pain.  I finally couldn’t sit in class any longer, so I got permission to leave class, and went back to my dorm to change clothes and lie down.  Right as I walked into my dorm, I put my bag down, and the whole room started shaking…it was the Great Earthquake of 2010.  My wall fell in on my foot, but the dorm stood, and my foot was ok, just scraped.

Later that evening, I learned that my professor, and my whole class I had just been in, all died.  Our classroom was on the bottom floor of the building, and none of them escaped.  Every single one of them were dead, but somehow, for some reason, God has spared my life.

As time passed, I found myself wanting more and more to visit the sick and to pray with them, to give them the true medicine.  The earthquake changed everything, and I felt an urgency to be sharing the Gospel, not trying to get a license in administration.  This, prayer, is what I was excited about, this is what I wanted to do.

Sandra’s Journey to Emmaus:

My church, they asked me to preach one Sunday, even though I am a woman, and I did, and after that, they always asked me to keep coming and praying and sharing the Gospel.   I always had people telling me that I should study theology.  But I knew that women couldn’t be pastors, so I didn’t think that made sense.  But they kept on asking me to preach in the mission, so finally they said, “Look, if you’re going to preach and we want you to, then you need to get some training.”

At the same time, I kept repeatedly having this dream, in which a bunch of faceless people kept talking about a place called “Emmaus”, and then one woman’s face would be made clear, a woman I had seen at my church named Rose D’Haiti.

So when I finally figured out where Emmaus was by asking around, I came and sat with Pastor Matt, and he said, “Who sent you here to the Seminary?” and beyond God, I didn’t have ANYONE, so I finally said, “Well, I guess God sent me in a vision, and in that vision is a woman in my church who is a Godly and Spirit-filled woman, so if you need a name, it’s Sister Rose D’Haiti!”

Pastor Matt started to laugh, and said, “Rose D’Haiti?  Why, Rose D’Haiti is in second year right now!”

I didn’t even know she was IN school, and I definitely didn’t know she was at Emmaus.  He took me to class and showed me Rose.  It was the SAME woman from my vision.

So I KNOW it was God who sent me.

I have a new comprehension and faith that what I felt led to do was led by God.

Pray that God’s will be done with my life.  Pray that I might have ALL the courage I need to embrace God’s will in my life!

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