Internships – We Need Interns!

The goal of the EBS Internship program is to (1) provide a temporary cross-cultural missions and full-time ministry opportunity to college-aged and early career individuals with an opportunity to explore their calling to full-time ministry; and (2) to temporarily fill needed roles and responsibilities within the EBS community (that match with the candidates skills and gift-set).


Even though EBS has has a number of posted positions for interns (see below), we are also happy to craft a position specially for a good candidate. In other words, if you don’t see a posting that fits you but you’re still interested in coming, apply anyway! Perhaps you can bring something new to God’s ministry at EBS!

If your interested in becoming an intern at EBS, please contact You can also fill-out the following forms to move you along in the application process. For postings of specific intern

Internship Postings

Click the link for a detailed description

  • ESL Teacher
  • Librarian/Library Sciences
  • Music theory researcher
  • Recording studio sound engineer
  • Tech Support Agent
  • Phys Plant Assistant
  • Elementary Ed Teacher
  • Secondary Ed Teacher
  • Videographer for creating promotional materials
  • Video production for educational materials

If you’re interested in one of these positions please email us at