The Challenge

Stacey Ayars About

On Friday, one visiting professor for our Islam class, who happens to be the vice president at large of OMS, David Dick, spoke in chapel about why we should reach out to Muslims and unreached people.

It was a great message and had everyone truly excited about the job we have as Christ-followers in Haiti to be praying for unreached people and to be REACHING unreached people.
As EBS president Matt Ayars followed with afterwards, Cap-Haitian doesn’t NEED another church.  Port-au-Prince doesn’t NEED another church.  The cities need utterly transformed Christ-followers living boldly for Jesus.  But we all know there continue to be countless numbers of Haitians living in the mountains throughout Haiti who know NOTHING about our Jesus (Junior was falling out of his pew at this point amen-ing). 
It was exciting, sitting in the last row, to be a part of the equipping of almost 100 men and women who are ready and willing and going OUT…going THERE…doing THAT.  
You may not have been in the last row, dripping in sweat and listening to this powerful challenge, but as you pray, as you support a student or help us or give to the Seminary, you’re a part of the equipping, too.  Grateful.
We must keep praying that the Gospel might reach the many around the world who continue to know nothing about our sweet Savior!