Office of the President

This year, Emmaus Biblical Seminary of Haiti celebrates fifty years of existence! By God’s marvelous grace and sustaining power, EBS has been afforded the opportunity to be a leader among pastoral training and theological colleges in Haiti for the advancement of the Gospel in third largest country in the Caribbean!

In order to give thanks to God for his sustaining presence at EBS, we have planned a number of celebration activities throughout the Spring 2017 semester (Jan–May). You can find a list of all the activities here. These activities will bring together former, present, and future members of the EBS community to celebrate what God has done through EBS.

Even after fifty years, God continues to do new things at EBS (Isaiah 43:19). I’m thrilled to report that the 2016–2017 academic year at EBS so far has been unprecedented in a number of ways. For starters, our enrollment continues to be stronger than ever in both our undergraduate and graduate programs. We have approximately eighty students enrolled in the Bachelor’s in Theology program and twenty five in the Masters of the Arts in Christian Leadership program. Indiana Wesleyan University has also launched its Masters in Theological Studies on the EBS campus. EBS has enrolled five of its core staff members in the IWU program as an investment in present and future faculty and administration of EBS. Fanfan Joseph, our Vice Academic Dean has also begun his PhD in education. The young staff at EBS continues to shine and cast a promising future for EBS.

In addition to healthy enrollment, added degree programs, and continued education of key leaders at EBS, we are on the cusp of completing our accreditation with the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA). We plan on being fully accredited by the end of the 2017 calendar year. Once EBS is accredited with CETA, we will be the only internationally accredited theological school on the island of Hispaniola! 

Among all of this exciting news for EBS, the most exciting thing happening in and through the EBS faith community is the planting of churches in unreached areas. EBS students and staff have worked together to plant two churches in the past year and a half and have three more small groups ready to start Sunday worship services as official churches! God is doing a powerful work through the EBS Reaching the Heart of Haiti program to reclaim souls and break the chains of bondage in rural Haiti!

THANK YOU for being a part of the work that’s happening at EBS. Thank you for your prayers and your financial support. Every time we take a step forward, the enemy roars like a lion, but we know that he has no teeth! Continue to pray for us as we disrupt and overthrow the reign of darkness over this wonderful nation of Haiti. May God be with you continually in 2017 as you work together with the Holy Spirit to be completely abandoned to the Coming King and Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dr. Matt Ayars, EBS President

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