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Good Work

Alright, a few shots from another busy week!  This week Marshall Daigre wrapped up the Biblical Doctrine of Holiness course, Pastor Fanfan Joseph finished 1 & 2 Samuel, and Miss. Pam concluded the Pauline Epistles. I love talking to our students about these classes,...

Accreditation News!

Glory, glory to God, today Emmaus Biblical Seminary of Haiti has been officially accredited by the Carribean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA), affirming that EBS measures up to global standards for higher education, and establishing Emmaus Biblical Seminary as the first and only school in all of Haiti, even on the entire island, to be so accredited. The journey has included hundreds of changes, improvements, purchases, policies, procedures, manuals,...

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By Stacey Ayars So thankful for the men and women who add to and sacrifice from busy lives and ministries to pour out their gifts at Emmaus! Miss Pam is still with us persevering through the works of Paul, Dr. Jeff Mansell, executive director of Seven Baskets Ministries and teaching for Indiana Wesleyan University completed his course on the Evangelistic Mandate of the Church, and Pastor Adam Godbold of Georgia took our students though the first half of the...

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Loving What He Does

I know we just came off of a nice break, and Christmas, and New Years, and that's all supposed to be the highlights.  And there are some sweet memories (and a lot of sick ones.) But today? Today was where it's all I left the finance pile on my desk and left a homeschool pile with Lauren (the daughter of two of our visiting professors whom the girls have deemed a far more fun teacher than mom), left a happy Nora with her beloved...

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Church Planting News

Seminary evangelism & church planting efforts around Haiti.

The Fire at Difou

The church plant in DuFour (Dee-Foo) will be celebrating a year soon, and while I have rejoiced to receive so many pictures and powerful testimonies, (remember "The Narrow Path"  or "God at Work?") I have not been. Once again, it's been one of those precious and precarious new plants that didn't need the distraction or the diversion of foreigners, frequently seen in Haiti as money-money-money-money-MO-NEY! and not as spiritual support. We didn't want to hinder all...

The Narrow Path to Difou

Oh, these are my (Stacey) favorite kinds of days.   The ones where precious photos from somebody's cell phone come across my desk, and I can hear the water and I can feel the Spirit and I am touched with emotion, and I drop all the cash count forms and bank statements and cough drops and go find the story....wondering if it is as rich as it looks, and it always is.  More. Praise the Lord. Many of you have been asking about Difou, one of the several areas where our...

Church Plant 7 Baptisms (Difou)

Last week seven (not four!) individuals were baptized at the new EBS church plant at Difou! The church is growing quickly for a bright future. We have a pastor in place along with a church committee and a draft for a church constitution. They currently need: (1) land on which they can worship, (2) benches, (3) a small generator, and (4) a sound system for services. Give now! More stories from Difou to...

From the President


Student Spotlight & Testimonies

Sponsor a Student

You can be can be a direct part of what God is doing in and through the lives and ministries of our students.Give a scholarship (anonymously or in the name of a group or loved one) towards a pastor, church planter, evangelist, woman in ministry or community service project today!

A year at EBS costs students about $500US. Because of the economic hardship in Haiti, EBS substantially subsidizes student tuition and fees so that students can afford it. As a result, we depend heavily on donors like you.

Camille – Student Testimony

Camille – Student Testimony

I'm not quite sure how to wrap words around this, but you know me...I'll try! Today I was sitting down with Camille, one of my favorite first year students...soft-spoken, clear-eyed, sweet-smiled, slow to speak and always visibly rolling his words over in his mind before he speaks them. He was telling me his story.  Start to finish, highlights and prayers, dreams and visions. I've been asking a lot of questions of students lately and gathering up lots of little...

Kervens Saintil

Kervens Saintil

Collecting the stories of our students is the part of my job that most forces me to count my blessings.  I say "force", but to be fair, their stories bring gratefulness upon me effortlessly. I am just so thankful of God's gracious pursuit of us.  There might be lots of differences.  I may have no dreams or witchdoctors or prophets in mine, like many in other parts of the world do.  But each story captures the same image that is resounding in mine: Jesus with his...